Multi-Threaded Quixote Applications

Starting with Quixote 0.6, it's possible to write multi-threaded Quixote applications. In previous versions, Quixote stored the current HTTPRequest object in a global variable, meaning that processing multiple requests in the same process simultaneously was impossible.

However, the Publisher class as shipped still can't handle multiple simultaneous requests; you'll need to subclass Publisher to make it re-entrant. Here's a starting point:

import thread
from quixote.publish import Publisher


class ThreadedPublisher (Publisher):
    def __init__ (self, root_namespace, config=None):
        Publisher.__init__(self, root_namespace, config)
        self._request_dict = {}

    def _set_request(self, request):
        self._request_dict[thread.get_ident()] = request

    def _clear_request(self):
            del self._request_dict[thread.get_ident()]
        except KeyError:

    def get_request(self):
        return self._request_dict.get(thread.get_ident())

Using ThreadedPublisher, you now have one current request per thread, rather than one for the entire process.